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Free birdnest soup cooking demo and tasting. Call us to arrange.

(Applicable only for net purchases of $300 and above)

Buying Dried Bird Nests But Not Too Sure How To Cook Them At Home?




Learn how to cook bird nest soup in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the fresh nutritious soup together with your family or friends. Just for you, we are offering a free 30 mins bird nest cooking demo session, to be held at your own home, complete with a mini bird nest tea party of bird nest soup and healthy snacks. During the session, you will get to watch a 20 min live demonstration of how to prepare and double boil two flavors of bird nest soup, and have all your questions on bird nest answered by our expert cook! While waiting for the soup to be ready, you get to enjoy some healthy snacks and learn about stories on bird nests, health benefits, learn how to choose, and get to know the myths from the facts. Best of all, you can get FREE TASTING of 2x250ml bowls of piping hot freshly cooked bird nest soups from the demo (2 flavours), worth $72 (usual price).


3 Easy Steps to sign up for your FREE BIRD NEST SOUP COOKING LESSON:


  • Purchase above net $300 dried bird nest products in a single receipt at our online store
  • Call or email us to arrange/book a time slot with us and register your lesson.
  • We will call you and confirm your order, date and time of your delivery and the 30 mins cooking lesson at your home.

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    Testimonials of our bird nest soup cooking demo

    “In addition to free delivery, King Of Nests also provided us with a free soup cooking demo. The soup cooking demo and FAQ session conducted at my own home has a very personal and friendly touch. We enjoyed the simple home-cooked soup by Chef George very much!”

    - Tian Chan and son.


    “George was invited to our office for a lunch time Bird’s Nest Cooking Demonstration. Initially I sign up with the intention of just buying some bird’s nests but to my pleasant surprise my take away is much more than that. George shared with us the right method of cooking that will bring out the best in our bird’s nest and dismiss many old wives’ believes. The session has been most useful and beneficial for all new and experienced bird’s nest consumer. Thank you George! ”

    - Elaine Koh.


    “Thank you for coming to our offices to conduct the health talk with cooking demo! I believe our colleagues enjoyed themselves and benefited from the sessions, as evident from the overall aggregated feedback score of 4.2 out of 5.”

    – On behalf of DBS Rec Club, DBS Bank Ltd

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    Call 9038-0126 for enquires, order and delivery

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