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Natural House Bird Nests From Indonesia

The origins of bird’s nests are spread throughout Southeast Asia, mainly in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. House nest is the most common variety in Indonesia, it is cleaner with less impurities with a smoother and softer texture. Indonesia has the world’s highest production volume and supplies approximately 80% of the global entirety.

We obtain only Bai Yan white bird’s nest from accredited suppliers in Indonesia, whose methods of harvesting do not endanger the livelihood of swiftlets nor interfere with their way of life.

All our individual whole nests are produced by Bai Yan, swiftlets, which are graded as ‘A super’. Each individual cup-shape nest weighs between 6 grams to 11 grams, typically classified as premium large and extra-large whole nests. The swallows made their nest in a man-made shelter (燕屋), commonly also known as House. They are harvested and painstakingly cleaned by hand, washed with pure water and dried naturally.

We guarantee that all of our products contain no preservatives, no chemical and no coloring. Our products are 100% natural and pure.

Click here to learn more about bird nests, the categories of nests and their grades, and how to choose.

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Call 9038-0126 for enquires, order and delivery

King Of Nest is the brand of our bird nests carried under our Singapore registered company, Act Now Marketing Pte Ltd, which is a processed food importer registered with the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (“AVA”).