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For Pregnant Women And New Mummies

Have you ever wondered:

“Why do pregnant women consume bird nests regularly during their pregnancy?”

“How does consuming bird nests benefits new mummies after giving birth?”


Here are at least 5 good things that you should know:

  • Bird nests are almost 100% proteins and essential amino acids. Protein plays a crucial role in almost all biological processes and amino acids are the building block of it. Amino acids are biologically important organic compounds.

  • A large proportion of our cells, muscles and tissue are  made up of amino acids, which carry out important bodily functions, such as giving cells their structure. They therefore play a key role in the transport and storage of nutrients, and significantly influence the function of organs, glands, tendons and arteries. This helps in the healthy development of the foetus.

  • The amino acids are essential for healing wounds and repairing tissue, especially in the muscles, bones, skin and hair, as well as for the removal of bodily wastes produced in the body in connection with metabolism. This helps new mummies to recover after giving birth.

  • The entire amino acid pool in our body transforms several times a day through complex biological processes within our body. In order to achieve a balanced metabolism, this pool of essential amino acid is required to be complete and maintained in a correct mix. Consuming bird nests regularly help pregnant women and new mummies to achieve a well-balanced metabolism and maintain good energy level.

  • A number of essential amino acids cannot be created by the human body and so, must be taken in as food. Consuming bird nests on a regular basis is one of the most efficient ways to help replenish the body with such amino acids, which will help strengthen the immunity of pregnant women and new mummies.

  • Why Does My Family Deserve Only The Best Natural Food?

    Bird nests are rich in amino acids.


    Amino acids, being the second largest component in our bodies, are mainly responsible for 3 things: (1) maintaining our bodily functions, (2) muscles and tissues repair and, (3) metabolism. Essential amino acids cannot be created by our bodies and are required to be taken in as food, and replenished on a daily basis.


    Studies show that long term consumption of bird nest, which is a super food rich in amino acids, have the following health benefits:

  • improve blood pressure (for my mom)
  • prevent tumors (for my grandma)
  • reduce chemotherapy side effects (for my grandma)
  • aid in muscle and tissue repair in the healing and recovering process (for my sister in law after giving birth)
  • improve metabolism (for my dad)
  • improve human immunity (for my toddler son)
  • nourishes the lungs (for my grandpa)
  • stops colds as it clears up the chest (for my brother)
  • increasing energy (for me)
  • postpone aging and prolong life (for all of us).
  • For Good Health

    The medicinal benefits of bird’s nest have been carefully documented since it became a delicacy and are widely recognised as one of the four great tonic foods since the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties. Bird nest is rich in protein which provides the nutrients for our essential amino acids, enhancing the reproduction, growth, and recovery of human tissue. It is worth noting that the nutrients which do this are quite rare and not organically made in the human body.


    Traditional Chinese medical doctors praise bird’s nest with the effects of improving human immunity, increasing energy, and curing diseases. Modern medical science has discovered that bird’s nest may improve human immunity, postpone aging, and prolong life. Studies also show that bird’s nest can improve blood pressure, prevent tumors, reduce chemotherapy side effects and is especially beneficial for maternal health. On the whole, bird’s nest is effective in both health care and medical treatment.

    For Beauty and Skin Care

    As a skin care ingredient, its high concentrations of antioxidants, water-soluble glycoprotein, Epidermal Growth Factors, and amino acids are said to fight signs of aging by promoting cell growth and tissue repair.


    Because bird’s nest is known for being full of amino acids for growth of skin cells, some believe that it promises regeneration, rejuvenation and repair.This means smaller pores, firmer skin, less lines and wrinkles. It also improves metabolism, so frequent consumption results in young, radiant and fairer skin.

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