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The Bird Nests Specialty Store who deliver premium bird nests products as Gifts of Love to the ones you love. Nourish relationships and build lasting bonds.


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For those looking to buy bird nests in Singapore, we offer both premium dried bird nests and freshly cooked bird nests in lovely jars. Simply buy bird nests online and we will deliver your orders.


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  • “In addition to free delivery, King Of Nests also provided us with a free soup cooking demo. The soup cooking demo and FAQ session conducted at my own home has a very personal and friendly touch. We enjoyed the simple home-cooked soup by Chef George very much!”

    Tian Chan and son.

  • “This bird nest soup from King Of Nests has a lovely fragrant. There is no taste of any chemical unlike some other brand. Furthermore, I am assured that it is genuine as the origin of it is disclosed by the supplier. There is no secret as it is the real stuff which gives me the confident to continue consuming it.”

    William Kho.

  • “I started consuming bird nests regularly more than 10 years ago during my pregnancy. I soon learnt that bird nests contain a great deal of protein and essential amino acids which are beneficial to my baby. I can tell that King Of Nests bird nests are pure genuine, high quality bird nests from both the appearance and the taste of the soup.”

    Christine Neo.

  • “After learning that bird nests comprise antioxidants with anti-aging effects, I have decided to try it out. King Of Nests bird nests are good quality nests which are affordable for me to be consuming it on a regular basis.”

    Adeline Low.

  • “George was invited to our office for a lunch time Bird’s Nest Cooking Demonstration. Initially I sign up with the intention of just buying some bird’s nests but to my pleasant surprise my take away is much more than that. George shared with us the right method of cooking that will bring out the best in our bird’s nest and dismiss many old wives’ believes. The session has been most useful and beneficial for all new and experienced bird’s nest consumer. Thank you George! ”

    Elaine Koh.

  • “For such premium bird nests, King Of Nests bird nests are considered very affordable. Which is why I can provide my beloved boy with this nutritious supplement everyday! The bird nest is good for him, and he likes it.”

    Kendy Lim and son.

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